Lot18 Mobile

wireframing, IOS app design, QA, project lead

Designed the Lot18 iPhone app came with it's share of challenges. Buying wine online is very tricky in the first place in regards to state laws, compliance issues, age restraitions and the list goes on. The app solves these challenges while providing a simple, easy to use interface to purchase wine directly from wineries.


wireframing, visual design, widget design

The task at hand was designing Barrel's new mounted double-screen wallboard full of new widgets and capabilities including an office calendar and widgets for time, weather, news, flickr and more while presenting it in a way thats easy and quick to consume.

Lumoon Redesign

visual site redesign

Lumoon needed a fresh, moderns and clean redesign for their website. A sleeker design was achieved lairing large, beautiful imagery with clean lines and typography.


logo design, landing page design, project lead

Stackpop's is an IT infrastructure management tool that needed a little facelift. A friendlier logo redesign and a more user-friendly and clean landing page was proposed.

Avett Brothers

visual site redesign

I designed the Avett Brothers' website following an established look-and-feel of 4th studio album cover.

Lot18 Emails

email marketing campaign design

These are a couple of examples of marketing campaigns/emails I designed and implemented for Lot18, a wine marketing website.

Album Covers

album concepts and designs, project lead

Examples of various album covers designed with little-to-no design direction.


visual design, print, project lead

Two examples of fliers for bands around New York City.

52° Imports

logo design, branding, project lead

Lot18 wanted to start a wine importing company and needed a very friendly, approachable logo suite and branding to go along with it.


visual site redesign, project lead

The third redesign of CollgeHumor I was a part of while I worked there, recieved an updated design along with a mega-dropdown to easily navigate through huge amounts of viral and original content.

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